May 20th (Victoria Day) Sauna is CLOSED

December 24th (Family Day) from 2 pm to Midnight

December 31st from 8 am to 12 pm (Men Only)

And from 12 pm till 9pm (Family)

After 9pm there is possibility to book New Year Party

We are closed January 1st.


Sunday: 10am - 10pm (Family Day)
Monday: 4pm - Midnight (Women Only)

Monday (Long Weekend accept February 18): 2pm - Midnight (Family Day)
Tuesday, Wednesday: 5pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Thursday: 4pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Friday: 12pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Saturday: 9am - Midnight (Family Day)



Single Visit (Public Hours):


Adult - $30

Child - free (age 1 - 5)

Child - $10 (age 6 - 13)

Child - adult price (age 14 and up)

10 individual/family visit pass - $250



FREE bathrobe, 2 towels, tea and NO TIME LIMIT during business hours.


Oak venik (broom): $30


We are now accomodating private sessions booking at any given day of the week after 12am (Sunday after 10pm) for the below listed rates:

from 1 to 5 persons -- 125$/h

from 6 to 10 persons -- 150$/h

from 11 to 15 persons -- 180$/h

16 and more persons -- 220$/h


Tax not included in prices


Private parties in Big Sauna area on Saturdays from 4pm to Midnight with following rates :

1-10 persons -- 120$/Hr

11-20 persons -- 180$/Hr

21+ persons -- 200$/Hr

For entire facility rate please call: (905) 918-0274

There is possibility to book private room

Gift certificates available

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