Due to renovations from July 9 to July 21st small sauna and swimming pool wouldn't work.

December 31st we are working till 9pm.

After 9pm there is possibility to book New Year Party

We are closed January 1st.


Sunday: 12pm - 10pm (Family Day)
Monday: 4pm - Midnight (Women Only)
Monday (Long Weekend) : 2pm - Midnight (Family Day)
Tuesday, Wednesday: 5pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Thursday: 3pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Friday: 12pm - Midnight (Men Only)
Saturday: 9am - Midnight (Family Day)



Single Visit (Public Hours):


Adult - $30

Child - free (age 1 - 5)

Child - $10 (age 6 - 13)

Child - adult price (age 14 and up)

10 individual/family visit pass - $250



FREE bathrobe, 2 towels, tea and NO TIME LIMIT during business hours.


Oak venik (broom): $30


We are now accomodating private sessions booking at any given day of the week after 12am (Sunday after 10pm) for the below listed rates:

from 1 to 5 persons -- 125$/h

from 6 to 10 persons -- 150$/h

from 11 to 15 persons -- 180$/h

16 and more persons -- 220$/h


Tax not included in prices


We also accomodating private sessions booking on Tuesday, Wednesday from 12 pm to 5 pm

There is possibility to book private room

Gift certificates available

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